Equine Handling and Care

Best Practices in Husbandry and Restraint Methods

This course combines husbandry education and restraint methods for a comprehensive guide to equine care in rescue and shelter environments. Whether training volunteers or new staff, completion of this course will help ensure safety for handlers and horses alike.

  • $99 per student – includes course and exam
  • Credit cards are accepted
  • 60 day period to successfully complete the material and exam
  • Course takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete
  • Results and certificate will be emailed upon completion

Course Curriculum

Leading a Horse

How to Tie a Horse

Loading Horses On And Off Trailers

How To Pick Up Feet

Using Blankets

Grooming Horses


Types of Foods for Feeding Horses

Tail Wraps

Catching a Horse in a Stall

Catching a Mare With a Foal

Catching a Horse in a Pasture

Turning Out a Horse

Equine Handling and Care