Humane Animal Euthanasia: Texas Renewal Course

Renew your Euthanasia Certification easily with the only Texas DSHS-Approved Online Renewal Course

Texas Health and Safety Code as administered by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) requires anyone conducting animal euthanasia to successfully complete an approved training course. Every 3 years thereafter, an approved renewal course is required to keep your state certification active. Humane Animal Euthanasia by ACT Online Training is the only online course available that is DSHS-approved for your training renewal.

This course is DSHS-approved for the 3-year renewal, not the initial training course. All DSHS requirements are met through watching course videos led by ACT Online Training instructor David Grant, DVM, readings from selected articles, and the successful completion of the final exam.

  • $99 per student – includes complete Humane Animal Euthanasia Online Training Review Course and Exam
  • Credit cards are accepted
  • 30 day period to successfully complete the material and exam
  • Course takes approximately 4-6 hours to complete
  • Results and certificate will be emailed upon completion – you must keep the certificate as a record of taking the course for the Texas Department of State Health Services
  • Bonus: Earn 5 hours of CE credit with course completion

Course Curriculum

Euthanasia Training Introduction

HSUS Statement on Euthanasia

Introduction: Euthanasia Basics

Pharmacology of Sodium Pentobarbital and Stages of Anesthesia

Classification of Drugs and Record Keeping

Specific Euthanizing Drugs

Euthanasia Protocol

Sample Euthanasia Protocol

Circulatory Anatomy

Types of Injections

Inhalant Agents / Carbon Monoxide Overview

Pre-euthanasia Drugs

Preparing for Intravenous Injections

Intravenous Injections Using The Cephalic Vein

Other Veins Used for Intravenous Injections

Texas Regulations

Intraperitoneal Injections

Feline Anatomy for IP Injections

Intracardiac Injections

Verification of Death

Time Altering Factors

Euthanasia Basics for Wildlife and Exotics

Wildlife: Mammals

Wildlife: Birds

Wildlife: Reptiles

Handling Skunks

Euthanizing Skunks


Introduction to Shelter Stress

Coping with Stress

Recognizing Euthanasia Related Stress

Management’s Role in Stress

Disposal of Animal Bodies

Disposal of Animal Bodies – Texas Law

Final Exam

Humane Animal Euthanasia: Texas Renewal Course